Parklands offers a range of activities.  If you or your children are desperate to get in the saddle then we offer a range of riding activities from therapeutic riding through to professional dressage training.

Ever dreamed of going to a Dressage Competition??  –  Then we can help you get there. 

If riding isn’t your thing or you are not quite sure just yet then we offer a range of equine and animal assisted activities.  This can range from learning to groom a horse, mucking out and tacking up to handling the rabbits and other small animals or going out on the farm with the goats, pigs and sheep.

Animal Encounters 

Meet our smaller animals, learn all about them and how we look after them.

Sensory Room 

Enjoy our under the sea theme, with fish tanks, bubble tubes and everything else sensory.


Watch our video of our Christmas Theme sensory room.


Therapeutic Sessions 

These sessions are often in groups and allow yourselves, children or siblings to enjoy the experience of riding/handling a horse or our other animals and all the benefits that follow.

Our Saturday Club consists of 4-6 riders all have a short individual riding session and then full use of the sensory and animal encounters rooms where arts and crafts and other games are also available.

Directed one – one sessions

These goal orientated one – one sessions offer a tailor made program to ensure specific goals are reached.  This can range from increasing core strength and stability, encouraging speech,  improving social skills or learning to canter.  During the first appointment we will take detailed records and discuss the desired goals and outcomes.  Reviews will then take place every few weeks to ensure the sessions are effective.

We can adapt all sessions for groups/individuals and we will do our best to accommodate.  We aim to keep to a ratio of 1 instructor to 3 riders to ensure everyone is included and benefits from our coaching sessions whether riding or dealing with our smaller animals.  Larger groups are welcome and the time can be split between the different activities we offer

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